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1) How to get your child ready for kindergarten:

2 )Ditch Digital Devices; Parental Interaction Trumps Technology – How Digital Devices Affect Infants and Children:

3) Help build pattern recognition and categorization skills in Science and Math:

4) Early Reading = Higher intelligence:

5) Creating a Musical Home Environment:

6 ) Read with your child and help them do better in School:

7) Why Full-Day Kindergarten is a Key Piece of the Early Ed Puzzle:

8) Reading Tips:

9) The importance of literacy in a child’s development:

10) Why Read Aloud?

11) Wordless Picture Books – Why & How

12) Prof Susan Nueman, an expert on early literacy development speaks about the need to introduce kids to books at a very young age.

13) Preschool and Kindergarten Math activities: