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Career Guidance Program
Best Pedagogies :

One of the main way in which GERDC tries to bring in rigour in Ganges curriculum, is bringing in best of the latest strategies and theories into practice. We base our practices on theories like:

These educationists and their philosophies are tried and tested all over the world. These showcase learning as vibrant and empathic at the same time, customised to each child’s needs.

Pre-Primary :

The children are observant, bold and curious. School is their first structured exposure to the outside world and a larger peer group. The focus is on building their communicative and creative skills in addition to their gross and fine motor skills. We, at Ganges prioritize on building their social and emotional development in a safe and a happy environment.

Play led activities of the lil’ Gangians fosters the brain - body connect which plays a vital role in enhancing neuromuscular coordination.

Primary :

Children, in this age group, exhibit a wide range of new physical skills, lots of energy and an increasing awareness of right and wrong. Keeping this in mind, at the primary level we provide young Gangians with opportunities to learn and explore an academically challenging curriculum, through self-learning, self-expression, asking the right questions, and making real life connections, helping them to become emerging independent learners.

Celebrations through festivals and community service, across the year, form an integral part of their learning and holistic development.

Middle School:

Our young Gangians are now a pre-teens and now poised for major transition as they stand on the cusp of adolescence. In many ways, they can still be considered children but are becoming much more independent. They are very social as this is a way to assert their independence. They are ready to face more academic challenges, take a leap forward in sports, can put their ideas in writing and enjoy being with their friends more.

Thus, our Middle school programme is structured to meet the growing Gangian’s varied and varying intellectual needs. We bring in more group work, higher problem solving challenges, community outreach activities, connecting academics to kinesthetics - mapping out pedagogy to their developmental needs.

Secondary and Senior Secondary:

While our teen Gangians transit through important social, emotional and physiological changes, they are trying to find their own identity too. Therefore, our learning approach in secondary school is project based and experiential that establishes them as creative and independent learners in school years and beyond.