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Nestled in lush green environs, away from the pollution of the city, Ganges Valley School has state of the art infrastructure. Well designed, spacious, air conditioned, smart classrooms make for a conducive and safe learning environment. A calm yet stimulating ambience ignites creative young minds to think global.

Educational Facilities:


Every classroom is ergonomically furnished and equipped with interactive features to host lively and enriching sessions for all Gangians.


The school library contains 10000+ books that cover a wide spectrum of subjects. Besides magazines and journals the school library is a repository of books, including digital resources of varied genres.


The well equipped Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer, Language and Social Science laboratories provide an ideal platform for observation, experimentation and discovery.

Sporting Facilities:

Our sporting facilities for basketball, athletics, cricket, football, lawn tennis, table tennis, badminton are Ganges’ pride. Highly qualified and experienced team helps motivate young talents realize their potential through a rigorous and challenging sports programme.

Equestrian (Horse Riding) @ Ganges:

From the absolute beginner to the champion, we have the expertise for training - be it a one-off or regular lessons.

Performing Arts:

Children at Ganges have the opportunity to celebrate the richness and depth of human expression in all its forms. Our music studio harmonizes Indian and western music through vocal and instrumental sessions. Structured training in various dance forms infuses creativity and commitment to perfection. Theses studios allow children to explore classical, folk and modern music and dance – both, Indian and international.


The health of our students is paramount and first aid and basic medical care are given due importance. The school has a well-equipped Infirmary manned by trained medical personnel. In addition, a doctor visits the school periodically and on is available on call.