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Career Guidance Program

Academic Enhancement

Ganges invites and demands sustained engagement, attention, inquiry and diligence that help keep abreast of the latest pedagogy, and leverage technology in implementing these effectively. A blend of multi-dimensional programmes enables students develop interdisciplinary activities.

IDP – Individual Development Plan :

Individual Development Plan is a specialized programme - draw a plan - Remediation and enrichment

offering a range of choices from sports, art, dance, music, literature, and science. IDP guides and develops the special skills of the child, working on his/her strengths and areas of concern.

Clubs :

Clubs of the school broaden the horizon of learning for the students through interpersonal dynamics. The various club portfolio options for the students are:

Community service clubs - Sankalp, Sahayaa

SSP - Special Sports Programme:

Our Special Sports Programme (SSP)aims at giving exposure to young Gangians to varied sports thus leading the teen Gangians to a sport of their choice and strength.