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Dear Parent,
Telangana Government has issued a GO No. 46 dated 21-04-2020 regarding School fee hike and payment. Kindly note the following regarding the same:

1. TUITION FEE: We would like to bring to your notice that in accordance with the GO there will not be any fee hike for this academic year, 2020-21 and the tuition fee will be the same for all classes as per last year fee structure. Any excess payment by you in the first instalment will be adjusted in the next instalments. In case of payment of the fee in full, excess fee, will either be refunded or carried forward to the next year.

2. TRANSPORT FEE: As per the GO, schools cannot collect any kind of fees except tuition fee until further orders. Hence, any amount already paid towards transport fee will be adjusted in the remaining instalments.

3. LUNCH AND SNACKS: Similarly, any amount already paid towards Lunch and Snacks will be adjusted in the remaining instalments.

4. Monthly instalment: You may opt for the monthly instalment as directed by the Government, our updated online portal or mobile app can be used to make the monthly fee payments.

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